About LIST79.COM

LIST79.COM is a simple and free web classified ad service. You can read classified ads for cities around the world wihtout any registration. You can post classified ads for cities around the world with a simple registration, which requires user name, email address, and password. Please use our service to connect with people in your city.

Annoymous posts

You must register to post ads, however your register information will stay private through out the service. All post is done annonymously. You can choose to disclose your contact information via message exchange privately.



You must register with valid email account. After you fill our registration form and click "register", we send you a confirmatio email with unique ID that last for 90 minutes. Please check your email and click on the link to confirm your email address. The account must be verified (by clicking the link) in order to longin and use features beyond.

Posting Ads

One ad post is limited to; 32 characters for title, 210 characters for ads, no html code, plus 1 image file up to 6MB. The post by default is live for 90 days. You can post 1 ad per 10 minutes, up to 10,000 ads. After 90 days, you ads will be deleted and not accessible.


All messages are linked to ads, however, even after ads expire, linked messages will be avialable on their own term. One message is limited to; 210 characters for message body, no html code, plus 1 image file up to 6MB. The message by default is available for 30 days. You can create and send continuous messages without reply for up to 10 times.

You can use your

We are looking for content managers

We are looking for local content managers to manage classified ads of your city.

You can monitor and encorage people to use our classified ads in your city and in-return you can earn part of advertising revenues. Please use contact form and let us know your intent and about your city.